Heart by heart. Day by day.

This is how we are saving lives and hearts in Europe.

3 ways of getting involved:

Join a

Join a Pro-life Group. You’ll get
all you need to start advocating for life in you university, high school or city!

Become a
Life Saver

Setup your monthly donation, order your merchandising Kit,  and start advocating for life!


Don’t have time? You can support a group and enable education on universities and cities across Europe.

The 3 pillars of our work


1  Education

Despite being an acute social issue, abortion has been made a human rights/freedom topic, thus pushing it nearly to a non-negotiable subject. Our field-team work shows us a general lack of understanding about abortion methods and its mental health consequences. By organizing debates, LifeTALKS, info tables; our groups are stimulating debate, building an honest dialogue from different perspectives on the issue of abortion.


2  Support

Either because of an unplanned pregnancy or struggling with a past abortion, women and men can find support when seeing themselves in a difficult situation. Our groups offer local support when necessary directing her/him to professional aid.


3  Activism

From street talks to online campaigns, we are reaching people where they are. Our groups strive to have “heart to heart” and meaningful conversations, thus raising awareness of the inviolable dignity of each individual life.

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Want to join a group in your area? 

Write us an e-Mail at getactive@prolifeeurope.org and get to know how you can start your own group or get active.



We call this generation to sing a hymn to LOVE, TRUTH and LIFE. To end the
conviction that we are disposable as human beings, and to write in our hearts
that every life is IRREPLACEABLE.

#prolife #protruth #prowomen #prolove #singalong

WHAT do WE WANT to achieve?


a culture

that protects and celebrates each single life



for the reality of abortion an its risks in a compassionate way


help women

(and men) in crisis-pregnancies to get the support they really need

What to help us to unleash life, light and hope in your community?

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